Updated Feats List

Acrobatic: +2 Jump / +2 Tumble. +5 to falling range increment and character can recover from being prone without triggering an attack of opportunity.

Agile: +2 Balance / +2 Escape Artist. You can always take 10 for physical activities even when the situation would not normally allow it.

Alertness: +2 Listen / +2 Spot. Character suffers only half the normal environmental penalties rounded down on any listen, spot, and search checks. Thus a -1 penalty would become 0.

Animal Affinity: +2 Handle Animals / +2 Ride. Training times for any animals you are teaching are halved

Athletic: +2 Swim / +2 Climb. +5 feet to falling range increment and can swim or climb at normal movement rates

Deceitful: +2 Disguise / +2 Forgery. 1 time per day, reroll any attempt at these two skills before the DM announces the result.

Deft Hands: +2 Sleight of Hand / +2 Use Rope. Time to Use Rope is halved. Allows a DC 15 Reflex save to avoid losing your weapon on a critical fumble

Diligent: +2 Appraise / +2 Decipher Script. Able to determine if an item is magical if you exceed the Appraise check by 5. If you exceed the check by 10, you know the nature of the magical properties but not the activation words. A critical success gives you full knowledge of the item.

Investigator: +2 Gather Information / +2 Search. Uses only half the time of other characters even for taking 10 or 20. Also happens as a reflexive action even when not stated /intended by the character.

Magical Aptitude: +2 Spell Craft / +2 Use Magic Device. If it is a spell effect you have or know, you automatically know what it is when another person tries to use it.

Negotiator: +2 Diplomacy / +2 Sense Motive. If you exceed the DC by 5, you get a hint from the DM as to what the best course of action would be.

Nimble Fingers: +2 Disable Device / +2 Open. Can use improvised tools without penalties for either action.

Persuasive: +2 Bluff / +2 Intimidate. Can add STR modifier to Intimidate rolls and can add WIS modifier to Bluff rolls

Self Sufficient: +2 Heal / +2 Survival. -5 to the DCs for both skills

Stealthy: +2 Hide / +2 Move Silently. With a Spot check or a Listen check you know if you are doing well or not.

Toughness: +3 hp and damage resistance 1 / magic

Iron Will / Great Fortitude / Lightning Reflexes: +2 to the appropriate save and can reroll any saving throw before hearing the outcome a number of times per day equal to the relevant ability score modifier.

Educated (CUSTOM FEAT- this does not exist in any rulebook): You may treat all knowledge skills as untrained and class skills. You primarily may only take this feat at first level (or whichever level you begin playing at). You may choose to take this at 6th level or afterwards, but you will incur a -5 penalty to any check of a knowledge you have no ranks in. At 12th level and afterwards, this penalty is reduced to -2.

Updated Feats List

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