Ominous Interlude 1

He carried a shield in his left hand and wore armor of battle. In his right, he carried a hammer. The dwarf walked with a slight limp, his beard swaying with each step. The guards began to get nervous. Grips tightened on spears and ballistas were loaded. The town square cleared. He looked upon the white marble building, the citadel of law, the first temple to Othar and shouted,

"I wish to speak to the mayor!" so loudly that even the mayor in his glass dome could hear him. 

And so the mayor went out to the edge of the roof, and said,

"Citizen, why do you call upon me?" 

The citizen put down his hammer and from a pocket beneath his armor produced a scroll which he opened. The square hushed and he was given a wide berth, a clear circle from which to speak. 

"This land has become infested with bile. This land has become weak and soft and allowing barbarians and lesser folk to run it. It is time from the mountains and the tunnels, from the buildings and the streets, that the brethren of noble stock shall retake their land, for now we have seen what these pigs bring: death, crime, destruction, and bile. No one should have to live alongside these depraved sort, and the church of Moradin shall rise against the soft, weak, Otharian elf-bloods. And so I say to my brethren, to arms, for today is the day we bring our city back!"

He then lifts his hammer and cloaks are shed as dwarves reveal their armor and arms. Crossbows rise from above and below the marble building, and an explosion can be heard from within the building. All across the city, blood is shed, and the earth trembles beneath the might of war.

Ominous Interlude 1

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