Othar; Chapter 3; year 10,036; June 7th

In a thousand years they will come again. In a thousand years they will rise more powerful than ever before. In a thousand years they will test this holy world. In a thousand years many will come and rise to the cause, to bring this world back to where it must be. This group will consist of many, but only some I see.

First is the speaker of good. He who wishes to bring all life its sacred chance, and he who must choose between what is right and what is good, and he will charge with his axe in one hand, and his hammer in the other.

Next, my successor, the prophet to the creator, who will speak his tongue, and speak his holy word, and share in his great divine wisdom. She shall heal the sick, the hungry, and even the dead. 

Thirdly, I see the shifter, with his many faces and many forms and his tongue both silver and firebrand. Through his delusion he shall see truth.  And through his insanity he shall find bliss and wisdom. 

Finally, I see the liar. He who holds minds inside of minds, and will use unholy power for holy use. He, the liar, shall be the closest to both creator and destroyer. 


Anain Volin; Chapter 2; Year 12,504; April 24th

Long from now, he will come, he who will make the 10 into 9. And he will be the first son, a voice of freedom. He will be the first of his kind lost in a world, alone. But he will make himself a home around the best of men, those that will help him vanquish the worst of the 10.


Eenk Shok; Chapter 5; First day

He who shall wield the mind to destroy us has awakened. He will stop our plans in our tracks. He will end us! Please! Please Destroyer no! Make it not so!


Unknown; Unknown Chapter; Unknown ancient date

And he will rise. Mountains will come before him and he will wield a power from below the earth that even he cannot comprehend, and he will save the world with his vile abilities.


The Dead (True Names)

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