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Welcome investigators!

Strange killings have been occurring in South Basin and it is YOUR job to figure out by whom and for what reason, and to hopefully put a stop to it! 

This site is to help organize your efforts to bring down whomever or whatever is carrying out these killings. Here are a few guiding points:

  • To see other wiki pages, click the "see all pages" button to the right of this page. Some of the wiki pages include the nation quick reference sheet, the list of updated feats, and your evidence locker! This is all very important stuff, so you might want quick access to it.
  • Adding your character is a good idea! It's an aid not only to you for having some of your details handy wherever you are, even if you don't have your character sheet, but it's an aid for fellow players. You can put anything from stats, to abilities, to backstory, to personality, to religion, to love interests, and anything else you want. Of course, you don't have to. It's totally optional, but I highly recommend it. It is also quite useful to your DM to have an easily accessible reference for some of your stuff. You can also put in a picture(s), so that's nice.
  • Important NPCs with whom you are familiar will also be found in the characters section, which you can reach via the sidebar to the left. You can read some of their general details and personality pieces too, though no stats will be included for them. Those are confidential.
  • Adventure logs are a thing, and I will be putting them up post each game day! They'll serve to keep track of everything you've done so far, and will be good for review use prior to each game day (it might help you with the recap if you volunteer for it, thus potentially giving you a better XP award).
  • There are files in the media library which may be of use to you, so you might want to check those out. Anything you want on here that you think would be useful for whatever reason you may upload to the media library yourself.
  • You can make wiki pages and adventure logs yourself! This can help with efficiency, and having active-edit wiki pages for speculating about what we may be discovering or conclusions we think we can draw may be useful. This can also help kill some game-day itch in between game days (I don't know if any of you get it, but I certainly do).

    • To make a new anything, just go to the "+New" button in the toolbar up top.
  • The site will have regular updates with new information and developments, so checking regularly is a good idea. 
  • Maps, some of which are now available, can be found via the 'maps' tab in the sidebar. There's likely to be several for this campaign. However, without an Acsendant account, I can only put one map in in the maps section. Therefore, for the rest I will make them individual, labelled wiki pages. The one posted to the 'maps' section will be the map of the entire continent.


Now above all this is a tool to heighten efficiency and improve gameplay. You may choose to use it or not, but I personally find it quite valuable. If you don't want to, you don't have to, however. Have fun! And do try not to die yet, it would be a pity to have to roll up new characters so early on…


Main Page

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